Imagine, Build, Play and Display!
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Our Story

Who's behind BuildUP™?

     We are the proud parents of three energetic and creative children! Like many parents, we are also caught up in the craziness of life, but fostering children's creativity and imagination has always been a priority for us. We believe childhood is a unique time to develop these traits  and that these will be their biggest assets as they move to the different stages of life! It is with this mindset we developed BuildUP™!

How BuildUP came to be?

When our eldest was 5 years old and got into LEGO® Ninjago® we were thrilled. One evening, we were putting him to bed and he was telling us about his recent room addition, Ninjago® masks glued to the wall. He crafted them with his mom using pieces of papers. While he had numerous other Ninjago® sets, they were either in the basement or in his closet waiting to be rebuilt. None of them were on display on his play table or on top of his drawer chest because of an overwhelming amount of things and toys already occupying those spaces. However, the Ninjago® masks, arguably less elegant than any of his building blocks sets, were on display on the wall simply because those were easy to mount. This sparked the idea of displaying actual building blocks on the wall to showcase his passion for Ninjago®. This was the starting point that led to the creation of BuildUPTM. Several iterations later, BuildUPTM became a reality, a way for children to showcase their building blocks creations, a way to express their passion for different themes, a way to share their achievements with loved ones.

A little more about us! 

We are proud Southwest Michiganders and this is where we operate our business as well. We leverage local suppliers and also suppliers located in the United States and Canada and we strive to keep things built here in North America. We believe in quality products and craftsmanship and we hope BuildUPTM will live up to this promise with you!


Marie-Josee & Patrick

Owners and Founders of BuildUP, LLC.